Subaru Outback -OPTiX Ceramic Coating

OPTiX Ceramic Coating If you are buying a new Subaru Outback please consider OPTiX for your Paint Protection Thanks to Allan for the business and trusting us with your Subaru for new car paint protection and Suntek tint. ...

Removing Paint protection Film

How to remove old PPF. Using steam or hot water or heat gun or any other kind of heating resource that would be safe enough to heat the film. Slowly pull up an edge and start using a little of your body weight to pull off a small s...

Making custom Vector patterns PPF

How make make custom Vector files for cnc plotter, Take a photo of the pattern required either of the direct object or with a hand drawn 2D pattern Import it into a vector generating program Create the vector you need and export file. Import it i...

How much for a Paint correction – cut & polish

Paint correction - Cut & Polish Every detailer's pet hate is the saying "hey mate how much is a.....?" If you are here reading this then you are probably new to all this and about to realise the more you research the more questions you ...

DA Polishers – Detail LOGIX

Detail logix DA Polisher The Detail Logix polisher was put through a fair bit of R&D like everything well sell, use or promote. We aren't all about brand name pushing. We have a passion for what we do and because we are simply put "detai...

Full Detail Case Scenario GTi Coupe

Full Detail case scenario on a 2nd hand GTi coupe The owner purchased the Golf with only 20,000km and only a couple years old. ...

Suspension & guard rolling

Suspension setups are as important as the quality of suspension parts. The suspension setup also is important for the clearance you may or may not need and therefore has a direct link to guard rolling and how much a guard has been rolled and vice ve...

Flaring out front guards STi

So you have a bit of poke due to the aggressive offset and wanted tour guards rolled. Rolling the guards does not mean to pump or flare the guard outwards. Rolling is to roll up the lip of the guard upwards. In some cases we can pump or flare out g...

C63 Rear Guard Roll

AMG C63 Guard Roll The AMG C63 needed the rear guards rolled to eliminate the rubbing from the tyres. These after market wheels accompanied with a lower suspension resulted in the tyres rubbing on the lip of the rear guards. This causes dama...

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