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AutoFX WA was founded by Des Wong in 2001, and has been detailing cars in the Perth, Western Australia metropolitan area for more than 20 years. This started as a mobile car washing service but expanded into paint corrections and guard rolling. Eventually then moving into the game of paint protection films and more.

We specialise in a few different services such as car detailing, high gloss paint corrections, ceramic coatings, paint protection film, guard rolling, brake caliper painting, headlight restorations, interior cleaning/protection/treatment and more. He started training his son Seth since he was 8 years old and in 2019 he joined the team. Our retail shop manager Ben Pratt started in 2015, legally blind amongst other life long health issues Ben will wow you over with his product knowledge and customer service.

The Team

  • Des
  • Seth
  • Brandon

Passionate About Detailing and Protection

To say that Des is passionate about car detailing, paint correction, surface protection and guard rolling is an understatement. His drive to provide the best possible car detailing service, places AutoFX WA in the exclusive class of WA’s top pro-detailers. The level of quality in paint finishing provided by professional detailers like AutoFX WA is a work of art. With 20+ years in the industry under his belt, there is irreplaceable experience and knowledge about the ins and outs of detailing.

We choose to work with only the best automotive protective products – OPTiX , Swissvax, ColourLock, Rupes & UPPF. Their high quality products, performance and our detailing expertise allow us to provide unparalleled services in the paint correction and paint protection scene.

As well as providing a high standard of detailing, exterior protection, paint correction, guard rolling and headlight restoration, we deliver a great level of customer support. We’re always available to answer your questions about car detailing and offer advice about proper car care.

Other things about Des & Team AutoFX WA

SWISSVAX Certified

AutoFX WA is an authorised SWISSVAX detailer

So what does this really mean?

Swissvax is the most trusted and respected brand in our industry, with only limited amount of authorised detailers per state SWISSVAX only selects the finest and most successful detailers to partner with them.

This means you are enlisting the services of a respected business within its industry peers. Book now for a SWISSVAX detail with SWISSVAX Crystal Rock for the world’s best.

They’re not all just about working on cars and driving fast cars. Des likes to live in a world of respect, manners with good community concerns. “Less hate, more love” is Des’s moto. Therefore the team will share a similar culture. It’s all about manners and politeness, we prefer to work in a positive atmosphere and enjoy a good sense of humour. life is too short

How do I know if I need paint correction?

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