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Paint Protection Film, Headlight Film, Coloured PPF for OPTiX

UPPF is the leading manufacturer in China that private labels custom films for some of the biggest most known premium brands in the world today. There are many other smaller players who buy custom direct and remarket films made by UPPF. UPPF films that are produced under UPPF is higher quality than any other custom private label film. Why? because this keeps OPTiX / UPPF films more superior. The superiority might only be a small amount but enough to know that you are buying from the source and a more superior product.

OPTiX PPF- MAX / UPPF P20MAX are 10 mil, 250 microns in thickness, which is thicker than Suntek Ultra another great film and brand. This series is top paint protection film which is made of unique Platicoat. With the performance of strong protection, gloss, anti-fouling/corrosion, self-healing, its quality and warranty UPPF Ultimate is one of the best for choice in this market of PPF.

Customised Protection Film is super strong paint protection film. It  has many stylish customised products brand-new platinum coating, super strong anti-fouling and anti-corrosion, it self heals from general washing and wiping scratches as well as the light bush bashing pin striping. Manufacturing use astrogated grade Aliphatic TPU Films and industry leading micro adhesion technology anti-yellowing, stable and fast installation Excellent stickiness.  Products satisfy different requirement of car owners show the vehicle’s personality style.  The finish from these coloured films are the equal to the best paints out there. The gloss black reflects the background better and clearer than a panoramic glass roof! Almost no orange peel.

Matte 8, Matte series is a clear matte film. It’s made of the exclusive PLATICOAT™ matte coating, with anti-fouling and self-healing properties to keep the effect lasting for many years to come.

Headlight Film or paint protection film comes with the 5 year warranty.

There are three products in the Headlight TPU series, namely H50, H25, HY85. It’s the highest quality TPU with colour tinted headlight film which is made of the exclusive Platicoat™ coating. It has high performance hydrophobic as good if not better than the best ceramic coating built into the top coat of the headlight film, anti-cracking and prevent headlight from aging for many years to come

Tinted headlight range films are $75 per metre (24 inch / 600mm width) Larger rolls for trade special order can be arranged.

Cost to apply PPF to headlight range from $75 each to $150 each depending on the type of material and the complexity.

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