OPTiX / UPPF Paint Protection Films sales and training

Paint Protection Film, Headlight Film, Coloured PPF for OPTiX UPPF is the leading manufacturer in China that private labels custom films for some of the biggest most known premium brands in the world today. There are many other smaller playe...

A polisher that’s good and not $900

OPTiX Nano Technologies Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher The OPTiX Nano Technologies 15mm/21mm Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher has been engineered from the ground up to deliver the agility, power, and precision needed for superior...

Ceramic Coat My Wheels?

Ceramic coating your wheels is the best thing you can do at the moment. Brake dust is one of those problem areas most of us hate cleaning and caring for. Before ceramic coating was around we would wax or apply standard sealants to make w...

AUTOFX WA’s New Location – Yes we have moved (August 2020)

AUTOFX WA has relocated to O'CONNOR [caption id="attachment_3685" align="alignleft" width="280"]...

How much for a paint correction ?

Paint correction for a 2004 Ford Falcon sedan Q. How much does is cost to get my 2004 Falcon looking it's best?  A. Well that very hard to answer if you can not come in for us to inspect the paint with our own eyes. Its like ask...

Pros and cons to rolling over wide body kits

Q. Is there pros and cons to rolling over wide body kits over rolling guards on a R33 Coupe? A. In short if the the tyres are going to rub on the guards/fenders then it will do that whether or not you have over fenders installed.  Any r...

67 Camaro Rear Guards rolled

67 Camaro  rear guards rolled Garry called us when he found our website to book in his 67 Camaro to has the rear guards rolled. He had just put on some nice new wheels wrapped in some fat boots. Garry reversed out his driveway and...

335i rear guards – watch our process

BMW 335i Rear Guard rolling watch our process We have rolled heaps of BMWs in Perth. We have so much experience with rolling guards and we have heaps of experience in BMW guards. Have you got seam sealer that needs removing in yo...


A long video walk around of the R33 GTR after installing paint protection film   The R 33 GTR had clear self healing film installed from top to bottom. The GTR had an entire restoration done prior to coming into us for the p...

GOLF R – New car protection

Jarryd's brand new Golf R  New car protection with Suntek, STEK & OPTiX Below is the list of protection services we had performed for Jarryd's Golf R Stone chip resistant front bumper film $750 S...

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