Our Full Range of Services

Here are the full range of services that AutoFX WA offer.

  • Auto FX 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean

    The Auto FX 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean – One Hour Transformation! In one single hour, Auto FX will transform the look of your car with our Auto FX 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean. Years of detailing have allowed us to perfect a process of hand washing cars that can achieve in one hour what […]

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  • AutoFX Car Care Products

    Click here to see what goodies are in our shop “Detailer’s Lolly Shop” What is this small shop that makes adults feel like a kid in a candy store about? Why is the AutoFX Car Care Products shop also known as Chemical Guys WA? Chemical Guys WA is classed as the Factory outlet on behalf […]

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    – Paint Protection

    OPTIX GLASS COATING PAINT PROTECTION – A premium paint protection service OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES – an inorganic glass coating This is where AutoFX WA truly shines. We use market-leading products for the real world that provide an outstanding finish and superior protection. The glass coating technology is certainly the way of the future when it […]

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  • High Gloss Paint Correction

    HIGH GLOSS PAINT CORRECTION – A premium paint protection service Every new vehicle leaves the factory with a perfectly applied layer of shiny paint. From the first time it is driven, damage to the paint begins to collect. You may spot new scratches on your vehicle all the time without any idea of how they […]

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  • Car Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    Car Paint Protection Film offers breakthrough technology for paint protection applications. Features and benefits include: Invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris A proprietary, self healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish Superior optical clarity Increased longevity UV protection Clean without water needed […]

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  • Headlight Restoration / Protection

    Headlight Restoration & Protection Did you know that 99% of the time the fading and oxidation of your headlight can be repaired like new without removing any parts. The exterior of the headlight plastic fades and oxidises and in bad cases it yellows and fine cracks appear an effect known as “crazing” Our workmanship When […]

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  • Detailing Class at AutoFX WA 

    What is the 1 on 1 Detailing & Coaching Class? The detailing class is designed to give the most precise customised tuition, guidance and training to suit individuals. The 1 on 1 Detailing & Coaching Class starts off with a once off $750 fee which includes 7 hours of private tuition. It covers anything that is specific […]

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  • Caliper Painting Dress Up Your Calipers

    Caliper Painting Dresses Them Up! from $295 (both fronts & both rears) Caliper Painting service, stock cast silver calipers look boring. Painting them red or what ever is your preference of colour will certainly add a sports or a slightly premium touch to your car. AutoFX WA can paint them using a high temp paint […]

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  • Car Detailing

    Perth’s Premier Car Detailer How Our Car Detailing Stands Out You will find only the highest standards of car detailing services throughout Perth (and WA) here at AutoFX WA. We are deeply passionate about car detailing, combining old school workmanship with a keen attention to detail. In fact, we care for our customer service as […]

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  • Guard Rolling

    Guard Rolling, Fender Rolling – Canning Vale Fitting wide, large-diameter wheels and tyres is a great way to enhance the look of your car. But it can lead to excessive tyre wear and tear without adequate tyre clearance and as a result damage can occur on both the tyres and/or the paint/panel. One simple way […]

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