Choosing car wash products?

Choosing car wash products

Chemical guys products

The most important thing you should look for in a car wash is what you need it to do.

The thing that others do not want you to know is price really does not matter.

What do you need a car wash chemical for?

To be gentle on your pure waxes?

To clean thoroughly?

To add a concentration of lquid waxes or glossing agents?

For high foaming? High foaming gentle or high foaming aggressive clean?

A balance of added wax and clean?

Or just for gloss?

Well as you can see there are actually a few variables to consider.

Something that cleans well might be more alkaline which will break down coatings or waxes faster.

Something that has good surfactants might clean well depending on type of surfactants that can change the price.

By adding waxes and glossing agents to the car shampoo to make them into a ‘wash and wax’ it is likely to change the properties so there is usually some sort of trade off.

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