The Auto FX 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean – 1 to 3 Hour/s Transformation!

In one single hour, Auto FX will transform the look of your car with our Auto FX 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean. Years of detailing have allowed us to perfect a process of hand washing cars to look as good as new at our O’Connor location. To qualify your vehicle has already been coated by a certified OPTiX detailer or full car PPF by AUTOFX WA. For a mobile service please contact one of the OPTiX Detailers found on this page OPTiX Detailers

We achieve this result whilst also SAFELY cleaning your car. Customers who care about their cars always tell us horror stories of visiting car hand wash services that added swirls and scratches through dirty sponges and chamois, or paint or clear coat damage through high pressure water jets that were used to close to your paint. Our detailing background ensures with our Ultimate Car Clean you get the benefits of a convenient clean without the risks.

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34 Steps to the Auto FX 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean

  1. Vacuum interior floor
  2. Vacuum cargo area if required
  3. Vacuum seats and spread the seams to vacuum the crevices
  4. Vacuum, brush, console, switches, buttons and vents
  5. Wipe interior leather with either Leather cleaner or neutral pH cleaners. OPTiX made in WA
  6. Wipe stubborn or stained areas with OPTiX Interior Cleaner if required Made in Perth
  7. Wipe interior with a micro fibre cloth and OPTiX Fast Finish for a tiny bit of protection. Made in Perth
  8. Clean the interior windows using OPTiX window cleaner made in Australia
  9. Wipe screens with OPTiX Fast Finish or OPTiX #NINE to offer antistatic properties as well as reducing finger prints.
  10. Spray OPTiX air freshener into the interior
  11. Rinse wheels with water
  12. Apply a wheel cleaner to each wheel and wash the face of the wheel
  13. Using wheel barrel cleaning tools like Wheel Woollies with constant rinsing.
  14. Apply OPTiX Final Boost onto the face of the wheels for better shine creates a hydrophobic surface
  15. Use the 2 bucket wash system, Rinse bucket and Wash bucket with a microfibre wash mitt to wash the vehicle
  16. We only wash a small area before turning the mitt over to the clean side to wash another section.
  17. Regularly rinse out our dirty wash mitt in our “Rinse bucket” using Grit Guard and or Wash board to allow dirt to be trapped under the Grit Guard within our bucket.
  18. Once our mitt is rinsed, we then soak the mitt into the “Wash bucket” with fresh clean suds we start washing another section of the car, whilst repeating steps 17 & 18 until the exterior is clean.
  19. Rinse the vehicle clean from soap and grime
  1. Wash the door jams if required and rinse clean.
  2. Apply OPTiX Iron Decontamination Remover to the wet clean surface to help remove some the iron that is embedded onto the paint surface and rinse until vehicle is free from all soaps and decon solution.
  3. Apply OPTiX Final Boost (made in Australia) to increase shine and protection and ensures your coating or wax performs better for longer.
  4. Sheet the water off if required to reduce the amount of water needed to be dried by our towels and therefor less touching of the delicate paint.
  5. Dry the vehicle using 2 micro fibre drying towels.
  6. Open each door and dry with a chamois.
  7. Open boot or hatch to dry with a chamois.
  8. Dry the wheels with a chamois.
  9. Blow dry the crevices to reduce drips (Shop only).
  10. If necessary wipe the exterior with a micro fibre cloth with OPTiX #NINE for a better finish and adds a little more protection.
  11. Remove streaks from the outside windows using OPTiX window cleaner.
  12. Apply tyre dressing if required using a choice of varies types depending your preference or our suggestion.
  13. Vehicle with our coatings get special treatment. During the washing of your paint we take notice of how the water is behaving, this allows an experience detailer to assess if any other coating care, maintenance or repair needs to be done. Options of the diagnosis is advised if any.
  14. Vehicles that have special needs* like coated or dark colour vehicles will be given special care if they are already in a high paint standard. If your car fits this profile, please read the details at the bottom of the page
  15. For vehicles that have our paint protection applied we will use of OPTiX Shampoo in order to get the most shine out of the service as well as get the most out of your coating.

Pricing for 34 Point Ultimate Car Clean:

PRICE: First Clean fr$165 *,Repeat Clean fr$100.

This price includes using all our top quality products

* Significantly dirty or neglected vehicles may incur extra charges (this can range from an extra $50 to $200+, but will be discussed in advance for your peace of mind).

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* Point 34 for Special needs cars (coated or dark colour vehicles)

Vehicles that have special needs like coated or dark colour vehicles will be given special care if they are already in a high paint standard. Why because scratches are much more noticeable on these cars that would normally look like brand new. Why? Because if they have excessive dirt, grime or have bugs then gentle washing may not be enough to clean up this hard baked on debris.

Some of the bugs and or grime can be pre-soaked to loosen the bond but usually only with very little gain. This means we may have to leave some of the grime to reduce or eliminate any form of scratching or we must clean more aggressively and then buff our scratches that would above the normal level. This may will result in removing the existing wax, sealant or Ceramic Coating and other paint protection products. In this case we will by default be gentle unless given the approval of the extra work that is required to polish and reapply wax or paint protection. Additional costs may be charged.

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