Dry Ice Automotive Detailing / Blasting

Introducing Revolutionary Automotive Detailing/Cleaning with Dryice Energy Champ Vario

Achieve Unparalleled Precision in Cockpit Cleaning:

Experience a transformation in cockpit cleanliness with our dry ice cleaning method. Dry ice can safely clean your displays or electronic speedometers. Our process guarantees a thorough and gentle clean, reaching every nook and cranny without causing any harm. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to an impeccably cleaned interior.

Revolutionize Interior Care with Dry Ice:

Bid farewell to traditional cleaning methods that often leave behind residues and fail to clean deep into switches or compartments. AutoFX WA’s dry ice cleaning is custom-tailored to be both gentle and powerful, ensuring that even the most delicate components are meticulously cleaned, leaving no detail overlooked.

Engine Cleaning Refined:

As high-pressure and water-based engine cleaning methods face limitations, AutoFX WA introduces a game-changing solution. Our engine cleaning with dry ice is not only highly effective but also environmentally friendly. It’s versatile enough to be performed in locations without oil separators, offering a cleaner engine without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Unveiling the Benefits of AutoFX WA’s Dry Ice Cleaning:

Experience the exceptional advantages of AutoFX WA’s specialized dry ice cleaning in vehicle preparation and maintenance. Our dry ice cleaning technology, coupled with our commitment to premium quality, guarantees that car interiors, engines, and electrical components receive a level of cleaning that outperforms conventional methods.

At AutoFX WA, we’re proud to present our cutting-edge cleaning solution – the Champ Vario, a masterpiece of German engineering precision by the company Dry Ice Energy. Our dry ice blaster is meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards, ensuring top-notch quality, exceptional performance and materials. Coupled with the WESTAIR 15KW 10bar twin screw air compressor and WESTAIR refrigerated dryer, our Champ Vario is the ultimate tool for automotive dry ice cleaning.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning for Automotive Enthusiasts:

1. Precision Cleaning: The Champ Vario harnesses the power of 3mm dry-ice pellets, effectively targeting and removing dirt, grease, grime, and even the toughest residues from various surfaces.

2. Versatile Application: Whether you own a motorcycle, car, sports car, or classic beauty, the Champ Vario caters to all. It’s perfect for wire spokes, underbody components, wheels, chains, gears, engine parts (both internal and external), carpets, convertible hoods, and more.

3. Delicate Detailing: Achieve immaculate results even in the most intricate and hard-to-reach areas. Dry ice cleaning works wonders around badges on the paint, intricate interior details, and display screens – without causing any damage.

4. Electrical Component Safe: Unlike traditional cleaning methods that involve water and chemicals, dry ice cleaning is non-conductive to electricity. This makes it an ideal choice for cleaning electrical components in both combustion-driven cars and full electric vehicles.

5. Environmentally Friendly: Dry ice is created by freezing CO2 down to -78.5 degrees Celsius and extruded into 3mm pellets. This means no water, no chemicals, and no waste – making it an environmentally responsible cleaning solution.

6. No Residue Left Behind: Since dry ice sublimates upon contact, it transforms directly from solid to gas, leaving no residue behind. 

7. Gentle Blasting: Our Champ Vario takes safety a step further by crushing the 3mm pellets down to 1.5mm, reducing the risk associated with larger pellets while maintaining top-tier cleaning efficiency.

8. Gentle on Surfaces: Despite its powerful cleaning capabilities, dry ice cleaning is gentle on surfaces. It won’t scratch or damage even the most delicate finishes, ensuring your vehicles remain in pristine condition. Obviously there will always be some surfaces that we should stay away from in case of damage.

10. German Craftsmanship: Crafted with the precision and attention to detail that German engineering is renowned for, the Champ Vario is a quality unit made by DRY ICE ENERGY Germany

Embrace the future of automotive cleaning with dry ice. Say goodbye to water & chemicals – and say hello to impeccable results, unparalleled efficiency, and a brighter, greener automotive experience. Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced dry ice cleaning technology can revolutionize the way we care for all vehicles.

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