$800K Ferrari Speciale – OPTIX FINAL BOOST 

​The $800k Ferrari Speciale requires the best car care so Des from AutoFX WA maintains the exterior with a 2% hydrophobic SiO2 which is the safest strength. 
Ask your detailer to use OPTIX Final Boost to one add more protection and because Final Boost increases the performance of your wax, polymer or glass coating it is normal to see a saving in waxing costs and increased shine.
Your glass coating is a very thin layer of SiO2 that comes from quarts that is found in 90% of the sand on our planet. Once the SiO2 has bonded the a surface it forms a sacrificial layer around 1um to 10 um. Because the coating is sacrificing itself to all the elements including the wear and tear punishment of the outside world, the glass coating itself will suffer especially the high traffic areas so using OPTIX FINAL BOOST helps by reducing the wear whilst increasing shine and improving the performance of hydrophobic properties as well as promoting the self cleaning effect.

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