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Every new vehicle leaves the factory with a perfectly applied layer of shiny paint. From the first time it is driven, damage to the paint begins to collect. You may spot new scratches on your vehicle all the time without any idea of how they could have gotten there. Scratches and swirls can occur from debris on the roads. Bird droppings, leaves, tree sap, and twigs falling down from trees on vehicles left on the street can also damage paint. High gloss paint correction can correct the swirls and scratches that make your car look old.

What We Do

We use a 2 to 4 stage high gloss paint correction system that combines high-gloss machine polishing with the application of top-quality paint protection products. We are specialists at removing imperfections from vehicle paint. Our multi-stage process allows us to remove damage that goes below the surface to prevent problems from occurring later on.

Blemishes to the paint do more than just make your vehicle look bad. Any damage that occurs to the finish makes the metal below more susceptible to rust and worse damage. Our process targets deep scratches and swirls and removes roughness and oxidation before it can grow. The finished product will have a high-gloss finish that often looks and performs better than the factory finish.

When we perform a paint correction, we get started at 8:00 am. The process begins with two thirty-minute washes and rinses which include the wheels. The next step is to remove any surface contamination. We dry the entire car and then cover any areas that the buffer might damage. The entire preparation usually takes about one-and-a-half hours.

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Removing Scratches

We start the scratch-removal process by using the most aggressive compound needed while preserving as much of the existing paint as possible. We never remove more paint than needed to prevent it from becoming too thin. This step of the process usually takes between two-and-a-half to ten hours, depending on the amount of damage.

Removing Buff Marks, Swirls, & Haze

During this step of the process, we use a finer polishing compound and apply them with softer pads. This allows us to remove the different types of marks that are confined to the surface. This step will remove only a very minimal amount of the paint. This step of the process can take anywhere from two-and-a-half to eight hours.

The Final Step

Once the damage is removed, we will wash your car down thoroughly. The cleaning process extends to the edges of the bonnet and the door jams. Finally, we will apply a wax/seal to provide a protective finish to your paint that will help prevent future damage.

How to Tell If Your Vehicle Needs High Gloss Paint Correction

Your car’s finish may have enough damage to make the problem obvious. From a distance, it may look dull and faded. If you aren’t sure, observe the bonnet of your car in full sunlight. You should be able to see any scratches, swirls, or other imperfections to the paint.

Every car does not require a full paint correction. We offer customised paint corrections to repair the damage to your vehicle’s finish without breaking your budget. A quick polish may be all you need to reduce the appearance of scratches and increase the shine. Every vehicle is different. Let us give you a quote for the recommended services your car needs.

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Why Choose Auto FX WA

We have more than sixteen years of experience detailing cars in the Perth metro area. The high gloss paint correction technique we use will restore your vehicle’s paint and give it an appealing high gloss finish. We never remove more paint than necessary and we get great results time after time. Contact us for a quick quote today!

Paint Correction vs “Buff Polish” or “Cut Polish”

Paint Correction is an international trade term. Sometimes people use the terms “buff polish” or “cut polish” instead. These terms have a similar meaning to paint correction, but they produce a lower quality result.

A “quick buff”, “buff polish”, or “cut polish” all describe a less-intensive process. It may remove some scratches, yet it does not compare to the quality of workmanship we provide with our high gloss paint correction process. When we restore and renew your vehicle, we apply the highest quality workmanship process. After completion, you will not see the buff marks or buffing swirls and holograms that are left behind from a “buff polish.”

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Example of Swirl Mark

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