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Leather Protection is sealing & water proofing for a long term leather protection solution

Premium Leather Protection with OPTIX Nano | Car Interior Shielding

Discover Ultimate Leather Protection! OPTIX Nano forms a fine water-based coating on car leather, vinyl & plastic. Choose SWISSVAX Leather GLAZE & Colourlock Leather Shield. Costs start from $279. Don’t be fooled by false UV claims. Lasts 1-3 years. Window tinting would offer the best UV protection of the interior. UV and Infrared Rejection: Nature’s radiance is a gift, but even gifts must be moderated. OPTiX Exterior Film extends its care beyond the physical, embracing the sun’s embrace. With UV and infrared rejection, it ensures that your interior is shielded from the sun’s unwavering intensity.. Book Now!

Leather sealing

Leather Protection with OPTIX Nano Interior Solution

Discover the ultimate solution for preserving and enhancing your car’s leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces with OPTIX Nano. Our water-based, fine coating technology creates an imperceptible shield that defends against wear, stains, and the elements, ensuring your vehicle’s interior remains in pristine condition.

Key Features:

  • Fine Coating Technology: OPTIX Nano employs cutting-edge technology to create a water-based, ultra-fine protective layer. This shields your car’s leather, vinyl, and plastic components from daily wear and tear.
  • SWISSVAX Leather GLAZE: Leather Glaze protects against signs of abrasion and wear as well as against dye transfer/contamination (e.g. from blue jeans) Ideally applied immediately on new leather Early application facilitates future leather cleaning and care New Leather Sealant: New leather (up to 3 years) does not need any kind of feedings as it’s still fully protected by the tanning process. New leather, However, should be protected from wear and tear as well as dye transfer from jeans and other clothing. SWISSVAX LEATHER GLAZE will drastically reduce these risks by protecting your seat bolsters from wearing off and creating a barrier between jeans and the leather surface. SWISSVAX LEATHER GLAZE is a great way at maintaining (From New or Old) the surface protection from exposing the pigment. If color is being lifted from a cleaning process, It’s a great time to use Leather Glaze. Areas of concern are “Bolsters, Steering Wheels, Shift nobs, Elbow rest or anywhere the leather is constantly subjected to friction. (skin and clothing contact)
  • Colourlock Leather Shield: Ensure longevity and suppleness with Colourlock Leather Shield. Its advanced formula providing leather protection for your vehicle’s interior. Leather Shield protects new leather from wear marks and dirt.New smooth leather, pigmented or surface-coloured leather in cars, furniture, jackets and handbags. Not for use on porous leathers, suede, or nubuck.


  • 2 Seater: Starting from $279
  • Medium 5 Seater: Starting from $400
  • 7 Seater: Starting from $500 (and above)

Longevity and Maintenance:

Expect OPTIX Nano, SWISSVAX Leather GLAZE, and Colourlock Leather Shield to last 1-3 years. For optimal results, reapplication every 2-3 years is recommended. Note that aggressive cleaning and detailing can compromise the protective coating’s integrity.

Elevate your car’s interior care with AutoFX WA. Book your appointment now and experience the transformation firsthand!

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 Conditioning Leather with SWISSVAX and OPTiX

#1 SWISSVAX: for older Leather (from 3 years onward, depending on usage) need to be regularly re-greased to stay soft. SWISSVAX LEATHER MILK is an easy to use powerful leather care product for pigmented leather containing emulsifiers, UV-filters and antioxidants preventing degradation of leather.

  • Enriched with Glycerine, vitamin E and UV protection filters to prevent premature leather aging
  • Easy to use leather refresh and care product for all types of pigmented leather, semi aniline leather and soft Nappa leathers.
  • Re-establishes and preserves the natural moisture balance of the leather and does not affect the leather’s original colour and leaves no greasy residue
  • Contains antioxidants and emulsifiers
  • Before applying leather conditioner please clean with Swissvax Leather Cleaner
  • Restores the natural beauty of leather without any permanent increase in gloss.

#2 OPTIX ALL TRIM: OPTiX All Trim stands as a testament to innovation, offering a water-based treatment that redefines the concept of automotive care. Unlike traditional solutions with silicone, its non-permanent nature ensures a dynamic, easily-washable formula that provides a refreshing departure from the norm. OPTiX offers a high level of antifriction reducing wear, nourishing the surface with its special formula.

Trustworthy Alternative: Loyalty lies in trust, and OPTiX All Trim emerges as a reliable companion, bridging the gap between quality and ease. A formidable interior conditioner, it effortlessly holds its own with a unique approach that resonates with discerning car enthusiasts.

The Nourishing Essence: Behold the magic of nourishment through a rejuvenating ritual. The heart of OPTiX All Trim is a meticulously crafted, rubberized liquid. This liquid prowess envelops surfaces, acting as a guardian, a restorer, and an artist’s brush, working its magic to bring out the best in your vehicle’s intricate details.

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