We have the right leather protection or conditioner treatment.

Leather Protection is sealing & water proofing for a long term leather protection solution

We highly recommend 3M  Scotch Guard and or Swissvax Lotos. Both of these products have equal performance when it comes to being hydrophobic, and both can last over 1 year with one application. Using these products helps leather resist staining and makes cleaning a little easier too. A Leather Protection treatment from us starts at $200 for a new car with 5 seats.

Leather sealing

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 Conditioning Leather With CG Leather Conditioner

We highly recommend Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner for regular moisturising with a subtle leather fragrance. It conditions and restores leather surfaces. Great for seats, door panels, dashboards, Dry-to-the-touch & Formulated with Vitamin E. A leather conditioning treatment starts at $55 for a car with 5 seats.

About Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner

Designed to nourish and restore your leather surfaces. The Leather Conditioner is formulated with vitamin E to breathe new life into your leather seats, dashboards and door panels. Leather Conditioner is designed to restore the appearance of your leather surfaces while maintaining a dry-to-the-touch feel. Formulated with UV protection to resist cracking, fading, and discolouration caused by harmful solar rays. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner works excellent on all leather, leatherette, and faux leather surfaces.

The conditioner penetrates deep into leather for the softest feel on any leather surface. Once applied to any leather surface, Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner restores the natural leather scent back to your vehicle’s leather. Leather Conditioner prevents your original leather from becoming dry, aged, and cracked. Treat your leather right with Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner.

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