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This is where AutoFX WA truly shines. We use OPTiX Nano Technologies’ range of ceramic coatings that provide outstanding finishes and protection without all the smoke and mirrors. Ceramic coatings (also known as glass coatings or quartz coatings) over the last few years have become really popular and ill-informed consumers need to know what they can expect from a coating.

OPTiX Nano Technologies offers brilliant ceramic coatings that produces an amazing gloss and protection. They offer a variety of coatings for different needs and have a large product range for maintenance after your car is protected.

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What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a crystallising polymer liquid that chemically bonds to paint, glass and wheels. As the coating sets on the surface, it hardens, creating a layer of glass/crystal. The hardened layer of glass on the paint can range from 2-8 microns thick, which relative to the paint is quite thin. It does have its unique properties, advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages to this Popular Protection

True ceramic coatings contain SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), and the silicon allows the product to be hydrophobic (the repellence of water). Those who have little to no protection on their paint will notice the water appears to stick to their paint which makes it frustrating to wash and takes way too much effort / time to dry. Coatings will instead, repel the water and act as a small barrier, allowing water beads to, ‘run off’. This inherently makes it easier to wash and easier to dry. This also aids with tree sap, bee pollen, bird poo and more, increasing the time window to act on it before it can do damage to the paint. Ceramic coatings will offer UV protection and keep the car looking glossy.

The longevity of these paint protection systems are also far better than a standard Carnauba Wax. Instead of waxing your car every month, every 3 months, twice a year, you only have to apply a coat or two for the ceramic to last 3 or more years. Think of this as a more permanent wax.

The Disadvantages

Some may argue that the longevity can be an issue. This is true for a couple reasons but won’t apply for everyone. You cannot polish / perform a paint correction on a coated car, otherwise you will remove it. A wax will be more economical because it doesn’t last as long, you get many applications per tub and it is easy to remove so it won’t be wasted. Due to the popularity, there are lots of people talking about coatings and along the way, false information will be spread amongst crowds. The main misconception is that a ceramic coating will protect your paint from scratches or stone chips. Some coatings do offer some form of self-healing ability but generally, scratches will penetrate the coating and stone chips will have no issue chipping your paint, coated or not anyway.

Longevity and Care

Ceramic coatings like any product or item that is subjected to the elements of the environment will wear and degrade over time. If the vehicle is parked outside all the time you can expect quicker wear, even more so if the car is parked under a tree. Even though it may provide shade, your car will be subjected to bird poo, bee pollen and tree sap far more and you also have the chance of sticks, nuts or branches falling onto it. Lastly, using any abrasive products or non pH-neutral liquids can harm and remove the coating. Avoid polishing/buffing, sanding and harsh chemicals.

Washing your car frequently (at least one or more times a month) with good quality products and practises will ensure that your coating lasts. You can use sprayable ceramic sealants such as OPTiX Nano Technologies’ Final Boost to maintain the life of your coating. It protects the coating and adds more gloss and hydrophobicity to revive your coating later down the road where it starts to fade out.

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OPTiX OP888 v2 Ceramic Coating

OPTiX OP888 v2 is the industry standard coating. It is very hydrophobic like most coatings and has a, ‘self-cleaning’, effect. This can be applied to paint, wheels, plastics and vinyl wrap / paint protection film. OPTiX OP888 v2 is rated to last 3 years. Why 3 years? We believe that 2-3 years is the peak of all maintenance. Meaning even if the coating did last for more than 3 years which is very possible it doesn’t mean the finish will be as perfect as it was like day one, and therefore all cars need polishing and re-coating to be at it’s best.

OPTiX OP-1 Ceramic Coating

OPTiX OP1 was designed here in Perth, WA and engineered in Japan. OP1 is rated to last 5 years, which is longer than OP888 v2. It is too complicated to keep track of every car of every customer to make sure they do the right things for the coatings and the environments that they live in which is why the warranty only covers three years. By the time five years comes by, your car’s finish may not look up to scratch which will then mean it will be time for a paint correction and re-application of coating.

OPTiX Candy Pop Ceramic Coating

OPTiX Candy Pop is a true ceramic coating designed for show cars. This super thick coating creates an unbeatable wet gloss, leaves the paint ultra slick and increases the colour saturation of the surface it is applied to giving it an overall finish that is comparable to the most luxurious waxes in the world. Though it cures ‘hard’ and is the thickest coating of the lot, it is actually the softest.

On daily driven vehicles you could expect a lifetime of a year, or potentially two. It offers the least amount of protection when compared to OP888 v2 and OP1 but this coating is ideally for show cars that live under a cover, not everyday vehicles.

OPTiX Candy Pop Pro Ceramic Coating

OPTiX Candy Pop Pro is a paint protection system / combination. This system includes two coats of OP888 v2, then a single coat of Candy Pop over the top, forming three layers. The benefits to opting for this system is that you have a solid foundation for protection with the two layers of OP888 v2 as opposed to having a single layer of Candy Pop. If your Candy Pop disappears you are left with no protection.

After a year or so time, the Candy Pop will eventually be gone. The extra layers does not mean Candy Pop will last 3 years but the benefit to having Candy Pop on top of OP888 v2 is the additional gloss you get. If this is done on a daily or weekender, then you would ideally have Candy Pop reapplied every year or two.

OPTiX High Temperature Rim Coat

OPTiX Rim Coat is a specially formulated SiO2 ceramic coating for rims to withstand higher temperatures of 300°c or more for 12-24 months. Contaminants like dirt, iron, brake dust and more are repelled by the wheel coating, offering great protection while simultaneously making maintenance like washing and drying easier.

With a single application and proper preparation, you can expect a lifetime of 12-18 months. With proper preparation and two applications you could get up to 24 months of protection on lightly used vehicles. Two applications is still a viable and recommended solution to increase longevity and performance of the coating. It is not a miracle product, lifetime can vary depending on the abuse the wheels undergo.

LEXUS 3 x coats of OP888

OPTIX OP-1 new car protection

General Pricing

Size OP888 OP-1
Small & Medium $800 $950
Large $950 $1200
Wheels $300 $300  


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