Headlight Restoration & Protection

Did you know that 99% of the time the fading and oxidation of your headlight can be repaired like new without removing any parts. The exterior of the headlight plastic fades and oxidises and in bad cases it yellows and fine cracks appear an effect known as “crazing”

Our workmanship

When headlights need restoring we carefully protect all surrounding areas of the lights by taping up with masking tape. If required we may cover other parts of your car to show our due diligence.

Why do we go to the effort over protecting the areas surrounding the headlights? Because damage is possible during the repair process.

Advantages of UPPF PPF installed to automotive headlights

UPPFs clear & tinted film protection is guaranteed for 5 years on paint and will last up to 5 years for headlights. Low km cars will experience paint protection film to last for more than the 5 years and is perfect for brand new cars.

Paint protection film is made tough to withstand sanding blasting which a very common effect from any driven vehicle. Sand blasting wears your factory UV coating and allows the elements to get to the surface headlight lens. The exposed headlight is now slowly degrading because of the elements like UV, sand, air, water, rocks, stones, insect splatter and more. Installing PPF to headlights will stop sandblasting from penetrating past the film. Infact UPPF’s clear bra paint protection film will stop most stones and rocks from penetrating through too.

Another BIG safety advantage of PPF installed to headlights is it is likely to acts like a security film on windows should an impact be so severe to shatter the headlight plastic lens, the film is likely to hold all the entire lens in place.

More about paint protection film and it’s benefits click other uses on a Land Rover

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New car headlight protection pack

using UPPF 175 to 245 micron clear stone chip resistant film installed from $65 per light

headlight protection


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