Paint Enhancements

Paint enhancements are an excellent option to rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint on a lower budget. This service is great for used/older vehicles that have slight oxidisation that can be cleaned up through a decent single stage machine polish but don’t need or want a full paint correction. A paint enhancement will bring out more gloss in your vehicle while removing some swirls and scratches during the process.

Paint Enhancement vs. Paint Correction

The end result and goals of both an enhancement and correction are completely different.

Paint correction is a thorough service, that could be single, two or three stages. The aim of a correction is to remove 90-99% of swirls and scratches as well as other defects which can take anywhere between 8-30 hours. The result will be a clean, high gloss finish with very little paint defects.

Paint enhancements are essentially a shorter machine polish. Ideally this service will be performed as a single stage to make it more efficient, but softer paints will require two. Enhancements aim to increase gloss in the paint by removing some oxidisation on the paint (if the car is older) and reduce some swirling as well as scratches. This will result in a deeper, cleaner appearance as well as more gloss but will still have a lot of paint defects depending on age and condition. Time spent on a paint enhancement will range between 2-8 hours.

When To Get A Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancements are good for those who have just bought a second-hand car and want to have the paint cleaned up for a better price. This is also good for those who currently own a car where the paint looks a little bit tired and just want it cleaned back up a bit then have it done again a couple years later. Over time, your car will accumulate swirls, scratches and oxidisation so it is good to have it done every few years.

Our Process

All cars that receive a paint enhancement or paint correction will be washed and decontaminated with quality products. Here’s the run down:

  • Pre-Wash & Rinse
  • Snow Foam & Two Bucket Hand Wash
  • Iron Fallout Remover Sprayed on Paint & Wheels
  • Wheels Cleaned & Decontaminated
  • Paint Decontaminated via Clay Bar
  • Vehicle Dried via Towels and/or Blower
  • Rubbers & Plastics Masked/Taped
  • 1-2 Stage Machine Polish Performed
  • Vehicle Wiped Down
  • Paint Protected with Wax or Sealant
  • Tyres Dressed

Length & Pricing

The condition of each car is different, which means others need more attention than others. You should allow a budget between $400-$800. Depending on the time spent, could be done in a day or we may need it over two.

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