OPTIX GLASS COATING PAINT PROTECTION – A premium paint protection service

OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES – an inorganic glass coating

This is where AutoFX WA truly shines. We use market-leading products for the real world that provide an outstanding finish and superior protection.

The glass coating technology is certainly the way of the future when it comes to vehicle protection coatings especially for paint protection and wheel coatings.

Like a perfect glamour photo OPTIX gives a beautiful finish that is practical and affordable high end coating service and easy maintenance for up to 5 years provided by trained partners & detailers.

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OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES has a simple easy to use maintenance range. It helps lubrication of the coating whilst washing and will cover the exterior surfaces to increase and restore the clarity.

Why is this needed? It is normal for all SiO2 coatings like all other surfaces will wear and collect some contaminate a long the way.

Although the SiO2 coating is highly resistant to being exposed to the wear and tear of the natural environment and pollutants, the coating may suffer somewhat. How much is highly depends on the type of usage, as well as the environment as fallout does differ from place to place.

OPTIX FINAL BOOST spray & Rinse will add better surface tension and helps water beading & sheeting properties and an incredible new car shine and lustre that is truly amazing!!!

The CONDITIONING AGENT & FINAL BOOSTER is designed to seal & wax in a couple minutes the lazy way, yet producing a shine that other work hard to get.

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OPTIX OP888 Paint Protection Coating

OP888 shares the same water properties that other glass coatings have like being super hydrophobic and has a exceptional self cleaning effect on all surfaces it is installed to from paint to vinyl clear wraps. OP888 lasts up to 3 years. Why 3 years? because we believe that 2 to 3 years is the peak of all maintenance. Meaning even if the coating did last for more than 3 years which is very possible it doesn’t mean the finish will be as perfect as it was like day one, and therefore all cars need polishing and re coating to be at it’s best.

OPTIX OP-1 Paint Protection Coating

OPTIX OP1 was designed here in Perth WA and engineered in Japan. The OP1 Glass Coating is rated to last 5 years but because our audience is about real figures unlike marketing figures. We all know that in the real world everything is always different and not predictable. We recommend polishing and re-coating around 3 years.

OPTIX Candy POP PRO Paint Protection Coating 

(Candy POP PRO supersedes OP-D)


Candy POP is a true glass coating being pure SiO2. This thicker glass coating solidifies after applied just like OP888 and OP1.

The benefits of using OPTiX Candy POP are,

Thickness per application is up to 30% thicker than OP888 and OP1
Wet gloss that looks thicker.
A super smooth finish to touch once cured for the whole year or more
Fatter beads, nearly double the water bead size of OP888 & OP1
On par if not better in finish than all the most expensive luxury waxes in the world
Creates extreme colour saturation of the surface applied to.

Candy POP can not be layered, it is a top coat layer within the OPTiX coating system just like OP1.
Candy POP can be applied over OP888 to form the most luxurious show winning finish within the OPTiX coating system (Candy POP can be applied over multiple layers of OP888)
Candy POP is a soft coating, once Candy POP is cured it forms a solid form that is glass like and feels hard. Even though it feels hard Candy POP is actually a very soft coating when compared to OP888.
Candy POP will last 1 to 2 years on a daily driven vehicle and offers the least amount of protection compared to OP888 & OP1 but offers a colour saturation, wetness level and beading performance that is out of this world.
Candy POP is already fantastic on its own, even better is the OPTiX Candy POP PRO, an OPTiX coating system that offers the best of both worlds for the die hard car enthusiast.

Starts at $1050 for a small/medium vehicle.

The Candy POP PRO is a paint protection system created by OPTiX.

The Pro version uses the base coat layers of OPTiX OP888 ceramic/glass coating to form 2 hard layers that will offer up to 3 years of protection. The 2 layers of OP888 ceramic/glass coating usually takes one to 1 to 2 days to complete before we can apply the OPTiX Candy POP. 

What happens in 1.5 years later? In this time you would book the vehicle in with us to detail and apply another layer of Candy POP for $350 plus any extras required.

After 3 years the vehicle would be needing a back to base detail and recoat.


LEXUS 3 x coats of OP888

OPTIX OP-1 new car protectionOPTIX OP-1 Golf R, A250,GT4 OPTIX coated


General Pricing

Size OP888 OP-1
Small & Medium $700 $900
Large $850 $950
Wheels $250 $250  

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