Toyota Fortuner PPF sides and bonnet

Don’s new Toyota Fortuner had the sides and the bonnet protected with OPTiX P20 Nano clear self healing film applied.

The door handles were removed for a perfect seamless fit.

Bonnet was $550 which includes removing the bonnet protector strips then applying the OPTIX P20 Nano film over the entire bonnet. The edges were tucked around the edges with exception of some areas. A new strip was applied over the top of around the front edge before installing the metal brackets that hold the plastic protection guard.

Door handles are moved by removing the screw from behind and the interior door panels were removed in order to gain access to un installing the handles and electrics that connect to the handles.

Wing mirrors were removed as well for a seamless install of the stone chip resistant, self healing clear paint protection film which acts as a sacrificial thick durable layer protects the paint from impact.

All this was done as a bulk fit due to not having patterns available.

OPTiX is a great way to keep some costs down. If we had gone with a more expensive brand then the price charged will also go up. If the price of material is less, yet offers 99% if not 110% more than the expensive brand then there is no point unless it is the brand name that you are after.

The roof and tailgate was not covered in paint protection film also known as clear protection film or clear bra. To keep costs down the owner opted for OPTiX Nano ceramic coating instead of the OPTiX P20nano PPF.

OPTIX / UPPF films comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years from UPPF. Suntek also provide a 12 year warranty and STEK offer warranty options of 5 to 10 years.

Removing the paint protection film is a nightmare if PPF has been on for a long time. In addition of heat and UV can makes thing bad to worse. Paying a detailer to remove the film is best if you want it done safely. It requires a lot of physical strength and stamina. Creating blisters on each finger it is a painful job literally. Some are easy like the low usage or garaged toys. Whilst the dailys can be much harder to deal with.

Removing the film can be as little as $50 per panel to $250 per panel. With an average range of $50 to $85.
Question: Why does it cost so much to remove? Answer: one it’s is physically a painful job causing injuries on the hands on the extreme jobs and there workers safety and workers comp is common. On harder and extreme cases the glue stays on is solid sheets mainly on horizontal panels. The glue can not be softened and nor can it be broken down by way of a chemical without harming the paint. On extreme cases the best a car detailer use to remove the glue is solvents to soften the glue by only 5% at best then using a plastic blade to scrap the glue that feels more like concrete. once the glue has been scraped off our detailers would then have to perform a paint correction (machine polishing the paint) to remove all those deep scratches put in by the plastic blade as well as all that hard vigorous rubbing with micro fiber cloths to get results.

Back to another solution to making life easier for the planned future removal of your PPF/clear bra or clear protection wrap is to ask your detailer to apply GWAX or OPTiX OP888 before installing film
Question: wont this stop the film from sticking? Answer: yes and this is the whole point, we use the maximum bond where it is needed and reduce it’s ability to bond too much in areas that do not matter 🙂

Doors costed $350 per door with handles removed
Rear qtr panel is $275 each
Front fenders are $275 each
Front bumper is $600 (bulk fit)
Rear bumper is $600 (bulk fit)
Rear bumper deck only is $85
Rear bumper side splash areas only $85 each
A pillar with roof rail is $120 each

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