Protection treatments for daily vehicle

Can you let me know what treatments are available and the pricing?

So you have bought a normal daily vehicle that isn’t a sports car that is new or near new and you want to look after your things by keeping things well maintained. You like your daily vehicle to be treated like it was an expensive luxury sports car, and you like your vehicle always looking clean and shiny because you have pride in what you drive/ride.

If the above sounds like you then below gives you some examples of what your options are, keeping in mind this is only an example, prices will vary depending on size, colour, and work that is required to meet your standard/requirements. 

The treatments as follows,

  1. OPTiX OP888 at $850 (large vehicle) for 3 years shelf life 9H (harder coating than Candy POP) best done every 3 years
  2. OPTiX Candy POP $395 (large vehicle) for 1.5 years shelf life 6H (higher colour saturation over OP888) best done once per year
  3. SWISSVAX Crystal Rock $220 (includes 1 coat of Crystal Rock) 1H should be done twice a year best 3 times per year
  4. Regular wash and wax and interior SWISSVAX protection $150 to $300 every 2 months.
  5. Interior with SWISSVAX/Colourlock glazes & fabric protection. Interior glazes are invisible and stay on a surface for approximately 1 year and up to 2 years for extremely low traffic areas. SWISSVAX/Colourlock Fabric protection is sprayed onto the fabric to help repel unwanted spills and lasts about 2 years depending on traffic of surfaces. This is $400 for the full interior for up to 5 seats. This includes dash, console, doors, fabric, leather plastic/vinyl. Does not include roof lining.


Most common is OPTiX OP888 and then a full paint correction and recoating in 3 years’ time will cost between $1000 to $1500 based on a paint correction of $600 to $1000 and the coating of OP888 of $850. You can also ask to not do more than $300 in a quick polish before the recoating to keep prices down. Usually most people will sell their car in les than 5 years which means it is highly unlikely you will need a 3rd treatment/detail.


Candy is a great way to get a coating or a “wax replacement” that will last about 1 year but is common to get 1.5 years out of it. (some get 2 years) at a cheaper price because it only requires 1 layer to be done and much faster turnaround compared to OP888 due to OP888 needing 2 layers done. Candy POP comes with a 1 year warranty whereas OP888 comes with a 3 year warranty. After one year the idea is tom come in and has a quick machine polish and a recoat which might cost you around $250 to $350 for a quick machine polish plus the reapplication of Candy POP for $395).


The regular wash and wax using SWISSVAX or equivalent with SWISSVAX interior treatment could be done on a rotating roster. For example January is interior treatment and exterior wax. March would be wax and interior can either be left out entirely or just a good clean of interior without treatments as interior would not need a treatment every 2 months and really 3 times per year. The product for interior that I am referring to is SWISSVAX Protecton and or SWISSVAX Leather milk. Or OPTiX ALL TRIM for interior leather, vinyl and plastics.

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