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Ducati Streetfighter V4S



Li’s brand new Ducati Streetfighter 4S came in for a coating that would lat longer than waxing. He decided to try OPTiX through here at AutoFX WA.

Des cleaned most of the lower sections with OPTiX APC like wheels, frame, arms from dust to chain oil. The rest of the bike was cleaned without the need of water with OPTiX Pink Stuff QD. Once cleaned Des polished the red sections with the OPTiX Nano DA Polisher and SWISSVAX polishes Seth and team started the OPTiX OP888 ceramic coating process. One person on each side of the bike started coating the red parts (tank & faring) before other parts like wheels and shocks, other plastic and frames. Seth & team allowed the coating to set before applying a second layer which builds to solid layers that bond together due to OP888 being a self priming coating.

Streetfighter-V4-S-Red Optix

Once the 2 layers of ceramic coating was applied, we started spraying OPTiX ceramic non crystalising OPTiX OP6 in an ultr fine mist through an automotive air brush paint sprayer. 50mls is used for each bike. The OPTiX OP6 is non crystalising and in most cases does not need leveling. Seth and team even ceramic coated the helmet.


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